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Virtual Sacred Spaces

Welcome to our carefully curated collection of virtual sacred space tours!


Click on any of the links below to enter an immersive 3-D experience. These virtual tours provide an in-depth exploration of sacred spaces from various religions around the world.


Use these experiences as teaching resources for your students, to open intercultural or interfaith dialogue, as travel ideas, or for a wonderful new adventure!

What you will be able to experience: 

  • an indigenous tribe from the Amazon

  • circumambulating the Ka'abah with Muslims in Mecca

  • witnessing the priestly blessing with a multitude at the Wailing Wall (Kotel) in Jerusalem

  • viewing Michelangelo's ceiling in the Sistene Chapel at the Vatican

  • attending a Haitian Vodou healing ceremony

  • and many more!

***Please note that these 3-D videos do not work on laptops or desktops and must be viewed on phones.***


We have compiled these resources, but did not create the videos. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the creators for their beautiful work. Thanks specifically to the following creators (in order of videos respectively):

  • GlobeterotterVR

  • arioti co

  • Tiga Sixty

  • Elysian Studios

  • snowsapien


  • PTC VR Channel

  • VR World 360

  • VICE Life

  • OutsideWatch

  • Eden Akavia

  • CXCY誠心呈義

  • Marios Leftheriotis

  • ADVIN. AR | VR | 3D

  • Miguel Rosete

  • BBC London

  • BBC News

  • Brella

List of Sacred Spaces and Practices

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