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About SSS

At Sharing Sacred Spaces, we use a community-building structure focusing on the vehicles of architecture and space to bring people together in a compelling, non-threatening way.

We use space as a community-building tool because space includes both built forms and their contexts. Every space contains within it some kind of belief system, some kind of value system, and some kind of communal story. Space is also physical, and one responds to being invited in, received, and welcomed with hospitality. This is a visceral phenomenon that generates lasting emotional memories of belonging.  

We include “sacred” in our name because sacred means ironically both “full of presence” and “forbidden.” When we enter the world of another, we enter into different territory, and herein lies the possibility to open our eyes and see things anew. We get to see and hear beauty—sometimes sorrow—and this opens a much fuller understanding of what it is to be human. There is no other program—whether its diversity and inclusion, interfaith, intercultural—that utilizes the compelling vehicle of architecture to bring people together and through this process of discovery and deepened understanding.