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October 6-20th, 2023

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Sandra Baer

Personal Cities
Brand Ambassador

Throughout her career, Ms. Baer has been a champion of creative collaboration between the public and private sector. She has worked with city leaders and smart city companies, worldwide, for over 25 years, helping them discover the power of partnerships across city ecosystems to build trust, support city innovation and discover new paths to bigger, bolder urban transformation. In 2019 Ms. Baer was given the Smart City Leadership award at the Global CSR Conference in Mumbai, India. 


Ms. Baer leads Personal Cities,, a smart city company focused on city identity and placemaking, social inclusion and equity, climate actions and the acceleration of digital technology investments to support innovators and entrepreneurs.  

In December 2019 Ms. Baer and her colleague, Dr. Lawrence Jones, released the whitepaper, “Rethinking,  Reimagining, Redesigning Global Urbanization: The Hard Questions for Urban Stakeholders,”, They developed the concept of “Question Storming” to get to the heart of the some of the world’s most intransigent problems advocating that “to change the world we must ask questions that disrupt the world,” and conducted 30 sessions with 200+ participants representing 30 countries, asking “How Can We Rebuild Trust in a Broken World?” Ms. Baer and Dr. Jones will publish their research, “How to Rebuild Trust:  Question Storming to Create a Platform for Thinking Differently and Taking New Actions in 2022. 


Ms. Baer is currently the Brand Ambassador for SmartCitiesWorld, (, the London-based world-leading platform for sharing ideas to solve urban challenges that enable us to live in more resilient, sustainable, safe, and prosperous environments.


Ms. Baer has a BA from the University of Missouri and an MBA in Marketing from Georgia State University. She is a graduate of the Global Advanced Management Program at Georgetown University. 


A Free Daily Interview Series
October 9-20th, 2023

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