Building Bridges


10 Experts on Unique Ways to Build Unity

A Daily Interview Series Feb. 10-19

                                                                                   Moderated by Dr. Vanessa J. Avery                                                                                                                                            

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Feb. 17 – Steve Sarowitz

When Steve founded Paylocity in 1997, his goal was to fill a gap in the marketplace by providing a solution with in-house technology supported by the service and liability protection of an outsourcing solution. Steve's vision, combined with his passion for software development, led to the first release of Paylocity's award-winning SAAS platform in 2002.


Prior to founding Paylocity, Steve worked at Robert F. White, which was then the nation's leading independent payroll service. He later managed two privately-held payroll companies. Steve’s 20 years of experience working in the industry with both large and small providers helped him mold Paylocity into a best-in-breed provider.


A Sierra member since college, he takes environmental issues seriously. Aside from helping to develop a paperless payroll solution (Web Pay), Steve instituted a "Green Team" within the company. Additionally, prior to moving to our current corporate headquarters, he worked with the architects to ensure every possible environmentally safe effort was taken.