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Interreligious understanding increases religious freedom and security

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Sharing Sacred Spaces has received an endorsement from the Connecticut Intelligence Center for our work in building interreligious understanding and religiously diverse communities. According to both CTIC and The Department of Homeland Security, with whom we joined efforts for our New Haven program, knowing one's neighbors and making efforts to build relationships across difference sets a neighborhood context where people can feel both free and safe in their religious expression.

It has long been recognized that quality education and dialogue are tools for forging peace across different groups; and Sharing Sacred Spaces has been unstoppable in providing these tools, even virtually throughout the pandemic, consistent with its peacebuilding mission.

Those of us at Sharing Sacred Spaces are grateful for our local government's recognition and appreciation of our work. We will continue to work together in support of interreligious understanding, religious freedoms, and the safety of all who believe and practice.

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